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5 Reasons To Use Whatsapp

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Whatsapp is a mobile messaging tool established in 2009 and seeing an amazing growth in the intervening years. However, there are myriads of other mobile messaging apps including Snapchat, Facebook, Kakao Talk and Line. If you are trying to decide whether to switch from Facebook Messenger you may want to consider these 5 reasons to use Whatsapp. Alternatively, you may be new to the idea of mobile messaging and want to find a reliable product.

WhatsApp was the first in the marketplace. It has been aggressive in identifying a marketing plan and sticking to it. Customers tend to stick with what they become familiar with. This is a key reason for choosing Whatsapp. Familiarity and understanding of how it works are drawing customers daily.

WhatsApp is more private than some of the later entrants into the mobile message market. With Facebook, for instance, the privacy controls often interfere with the communication. If they are removed, the whole world knows your business, some of which you may prefer to keep quiet. Teenagers in particular are moving to Whatsapp to avoid the increasing use of their parents on Facebook and other similar sites.

WhatsApp doesn’t have an aggressive top-down marketing plan. It depends upon a single marketing tactic: word-of-mouth. Originally, the cost was only 99 cents and the application is still one of the cheapest on the market. Spending a dollar to stay in touch with friends while on the move is a great attraction.

Many users choose to switch to WhatsApp because it works. It doesn’t make use of whistles and bells or razzle dazzle ideas to be effective. Instead, it transmits messages to your smartphone.  Another of the 5 reasons to use WhatsApp is the extreme simplicity to implement.

Choosing to use WhatsApp as a messaging service is a large and growing service simply because of the popularity of the app. Around the world, there are more than 350 million active users every month. Even Twitter is in second place with 218 million active users.

These are 5 reasons to use WhatsApp. There are others. The product is the largest in the world and was the first on the market. The price is right, in part because it doesn’t spend money on top-down advertising campaigns. Instead, word-of-mouth advertising is the norm. There are not a lot of menus and whistles and bells that you must learn in order to utilize the app. It is simple and straightforward and it works well.

download whatsapp

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