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5 Tips For Hiring A Remodeling Contractor
January 30, 2014
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March 6, 2014

5 Tips To Help Care for Oily Skin

Many people experience episodes of excess oil on the skin at one time or another during a lifetime. Oily skin can be caused by diet, by hormone production or even by beauty products. Regardless of the cause of excess skin oil, it should not be ignored. A shiny nose or forehead is unattractive and makes you appear careless of your appearance. Here are 5 tips to help care for oily skin.

There are many options for products in the marketplace today. If you suffer from excess skin oil, choose items that are not oil-based. This includes cleansing products, makeup and beauty products and other items that are applied to your skin. This doesn’t mean that you need to go to far in the opposite direction and use products that dry your skin. It may actually make matters worse.

A cleansing routine that gently removes makeup, does deep cleaning and follows up with a method to slow down the production of skin oil should be followed. The importance of regular cleansing to remove dead skin cells, dirt and debris cannot be overstated. Removing makeup leaves the skin with the ability to breathe. A thorough cleansing should be done daily.

Another of the 5 tips to help care for oily skin is to be sure that each cleansing is followed by a cold water splash to close pores. If you want a warm weather tip for reducing oil, clean your skin as usual, then gently use a cotton ball which has been soaked in cold water. Some people use an ice cube, which will accomplish the same goal, that of constructing pores and slowing the oil production on the skin’s surface.

The occasional use of a masque will be useful in tightening the pores and slowing down the oil production on your skin. The masque can be a commercial product especially designed for oily skin, or you can find recipes for creating your own facial masque from common household products. For example, you might consider cucumber, honey or yogurt as a starting point for refreshing and rejuvenating your skin.

Diet may play a role in whether or not your skin is overly oily. Nutrition is not a quick fix, but should be a way of life if you want to be in the best possible condition. A simple and healthy diet which doesn’t include excess fats, sugars and artificial products will result in better health.

These 5 tips to help care for oily skin are easy to follow. When you avoid products that stimulate oil production, you are more likely to have a shine-free appearance. Good diet to promote overall good health and carefully chosen external products will improve your appearance.

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