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December 1, 2013
Pros and Cons of owning Mac Pro
Pros and Cons of owning Mac Pro
December 3, 2013

7 Auto Insurance Tips

7 Auto Insurance Tips

A common feature with almost all auto insurance companies is rating of car owners in order to calculate applicable auto insurance premium to quote. This has disadvantaged many car owners including young drivers and drivers with traffic tickets among other drivers. The disadvantage is in form of high premium rates that they have to contend with because they are generally considered as dangerous drivers by auto insurance companies. Luckily, the following 7 auto insurance tips can help you to buy affordable auto insurance policy.

1. Shop for best deals – Shop around for the best auto insurance deals when buying new policy or renewing the existing one. There are several auto premium rate comparison websites from where you can compare different quotes as provided by different auto insurance companies. You need to compare similar policies with the aim of determining which company quotes low.

2. Consider indicating only one driver on the policy – Indicating many drivers authorized to drive your vehicle on the policy document can significantly increase your auto premium. It is good to include only regular drivers who are most likely to drive the vehicle at any given time.

3. Enhance your vehicle’s security – This is one of the valuable 7 auto insurance tips. Installing such security devices as tracking and alarm systems proves to your insurer that you are after your vehicle’s safety, which attracts low or affordable premium quote.

4. Sign up for a telematic device from your insurer – Prove to your auto insurer that you are a responsible driver by signing up for a telematic device that tracks your driving habit while on the road. This can lead to a significant reduction in the amount of premium you pay.

5. Drive less – Your annual mileage you indicate on the insurance policy determines the level of premium quote you receive. Consider driving less to cut down on your annual mileage and receive low or affordable auto insurance quote.

6. Increase voluntary excess – This applies if you really know that you are a responsible and careful driver and therefore not likely to cause an unnecessary accident. Opting to pay more to meet the cost of accident repairs can go a long way in reducing your auto insurance premium.

7. Relocate from a high density area to a low density area – Living in a high density area puts you at risk of causing or getting involved in an accident, which means high premium quote. You can easily cut down on premium by simply relocation to a low density area.
Using these 7 auto insurance tips does not only lead to low or affordable auto insurance premium; you also improve your driving record with increased possibility of receiving much lower quote in the future.

7 Auto Insurance Tips

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